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Race Schedule & Registration

 CASH Prizes

(50% of what we bring in)

& Lots of SWAG

Billy discovered a new program that is awesome for scoring races and posting results. We are so excited!!

This is huge.  Scoring the race and posting results has been a tedious and time consuming part of the race.  This should streamline things a lot.  People can download the ap and see the race splits as they are entered.

 $20 for all // Racers get a discounted ticket to the festival with their race registration. ($10 vs. $25)


  • Race Registration (racers please pay for and pick up festival tickets when you pick up your race number)
Starting at 4:30 pm

For Saturday start position
FREE with race registration Time trials are free with race registration.  Race registrations are accepted the day of race.
Show up – Register – Race – It’s that easy!
Saturday - $35 for adults and $20 for juniors and first timers
1st Flight – 11:00 Men Cat 4 and 45+ 40 min
2nd Flight – 12:00 Women’s Flight 40 min
Shimano Youth Series – 12:50 6 and under 1 lap on special course
Shimano Youth Series – 1:00 9 and under 5 laps on special course
Shimano Youth Series – 1:10 12 and under 1 lap on adult course
3rd Flight – 1:30 Men Cat 1,2,3 and 35+ 60 min
4th Flight – 2:40 Jr.’s and 1st Timers 20 min